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P line weight loss project Ending

It's raining and it's time to finish off the P line weight loss programme.

New item, headtube.

I've bought two different brands of titanium headtube in the past, but they both had some problems with the actual installation and were returned.

This time when I got it, it felt right, and the hinge bolt of the folding box is compatible with the original.

Original H headtube weight: 913g

Aftermarket Titanium M headtube weight: 510g

A instant reduction of 403g

(Note: Direct M stock stem to M aftermarket won't save this much weight, It's the H stem that has an additional block at the bottom part)

This is really a big progress and exceeding the target right away.

Overall weight now : 8.67kg

Also, the height of the M head tube is much more comfortable for a hobbit like me.

Really a Happy Ending...

Addendum: There is still room for about 200g, which is the part of the brake levers and calipers.

P.S. Interesting titanium roller rack too 😄


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