On Brompton Supermarket Shopping

Always try to improve Brompton supermarket shopping experience, here are some thoughts. Up till this moment. the only choice you have is brompton rear rack with easy wheels installed (R version). [R version Brommie in action] Easywheel extender with mudguard wheel upgrade can also act as light version solution, if you pay more attention on the balance. We did the shopping test on S2LX the other day with Valeria's Brompton basket. This was the first time shopping experience with L version of B with miniMODs easywheel extender installed. The roll is OK, quick as smooth as Rack version. Balance is good without load, but tend to tilt sideway if the load started to pile up, this was due to the la

Brompton Rear Shock Test Ride Compilation

The most easy upgrade for brompton besides hinge clamp should be the rear shock. Brompton stock suspension block has the reputation of "too soft", even with the "hard" block. With all these colourful choices of after market suspensions and all those stiffness modes to select, which one better suits your need? It all depends on your riding preference, how fast you want to go, how much is your weight and the general road condition of your rides. Oh, don't forget the weight of this component and the all important "BLING" factor. :) Here are some test videos FYI. Do take into account the load (rider's weight) and road conditions. A. Multi-S Premium Coppery Rear shock Hard mode (PU inside)/Load:7

MiniMODs titanium clamping lever on RIDEA hinge plate, Step by step installation procedure

In order to have MiniMODs titanium clamping lever works with RIDEA hinge plate, we need three small wahsers at the end of the limit screw. And use the RIDEA spacer instead of the MiniMODs washer. This will make the screw length compatible with clamping plate, when fully unscew the lever to its possible maximun extrution, the limit screw will kick in and stop the turn just to let the plate shorter side enough space to unclamp Brompton fold, yet the longer side still touching the hinge, so the plate won't rotate with the lever turn. Refer to these step by step pictures and try it, you will understand the design concept. A. The components you need. B. Assembled in order, everything on the right

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