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Brompton Linear Chain Push design for multi external cogs modification (e.g. 11-28T 7 speed)

Component list and functional description to be delivered.

All New Design Ultra Wide Gear Range with External Cogs for Efficient Drive

Features :

1. Stock Rear Frame Compatible without filing

2. New Jockey Wheel with ENDURO bearing and Linear push function

3. New Tensioner with Longer Arm to take up to 28T cog

4. New DR cable set with reinforced spring and linear push function

5. New Chain Pusher with linear push long travel (7 speed)

6. New Hub (wheel) with wide free hub body to take cassette sprockets

4 comentarios

18 sept 2020

Is this available for sale now?

Me gusta

20 ago 2020

Do you sale your product bro?

Me gusta

30 jun 2020

Do you know or can you estimate when this gear modification can be ordered through your shop? Will there be a 6 speed cassette possible?

Me gusta

21 jun 2020

Will this be compatible for Ti rear frame as well? I can see steel will be an easier fit. Looking forward the part list on your updates and info if this mod will work for Ti rear version

Me gusta
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