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P Line Brompton weight loss project 1st phase

P Line easy weight loss 1st phase.

Source & comments : Brompton Titanium Facebook Group

1.Crankset : 160mm cranks for shorter legs. 54/33t dual chainrings -95g (aim for wider gear range than weight loss)

2.Bottom Bracket : Titanium hollow spindle -89g (H&H)

or Token ceramic bearing titanium hollow spinle carbon fiber shell

3.Seatpost : Carbon seatpost standard size -240g WOW!!!

Another ideal option is MiniMODs Groovy Anti-Slip Seatpost bit longer

and very strong (120kg CE certified).

4.Pedals : Titanium spindle detachable -199g

Overall:Shed away 623g,Now full bike : 9.5kg

Some other modifications to come :

1.M to S bar ... this H bar P Line too tall to handle!

2.11-13-16-18 change to 11-14-17 + 21t (X series advanced gearing system Cogs X3 +1 #x3unibodycogset ),The external cogs on P-Line are easily modable to 21T (4 speed),bigger than this size will need 3rd party derailleur system parts change, this is for future project

(Ps : my test for 5 speed up to 23t is possible with stock parts compatibility. See video :

Proceed to Phase 2


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