Brompton Roll Ezwheels Solution Review

Reposted from #BromptonSociety by @Paul Tutton with permission Sorry if this is long post but I know a lot of people are interested in aftermarket mods/accessories. Over the last year or two I've tried a lot of different combinations to get my S6L to roll nicely when folded (both for shopping and getting across railway platforms). I started with swapping the standard supplied roller wheels for Bromptons own larger easy wheels, which was an improvement but the thin profile and larger diameter made the bike actually a bit less stable. I upgraded again to Multi-S BM Large CarryMe ORI PU easy wheels with bearing from BIKEgang last year and these made a world of difference, the wheels were a bit

Brompton Gear Range Mod / X3 Unibody Cog Set (MiniMODs)

Brompton X3 Unibody Cog Set Thumb Shifter Barrel nut Kit (MiniMODs) Quick and easily expand your gear range using rear external cog set, so 2S->3S or 6S->9S X3 Unibody Cog Set (11/14/17T) Stock Components Compatible (A 3 speed shifter and new 11 speed chain are required) #X3UnibodyCogSet Light weight yet ultra durable SCM440H heat treated steel. ED-Electrophoresis deposition surface processed black Stock 2 speed hub compatible X3 + 1 (19T) for 4 speed external cogs upgrade base Part Options: (a.) CNC machined 3 cogs (11-14-17) in One Unibody + 1.5mm Circlip snap ring (MiniMODs) (b.) 3 speed thumb shifter Left or Right (SunRace or Sturmey Archer) (c.) Titanium Shifting cable terminal Barrel N

Brompton Linear Chain Push design for multi external cogs modification (e.g. 11-28T 7 speed)

Component list and functional description to be delivered. All New Design Ultra Wide Gear Range with External Cogs for Efficient Drive Features : 1. Stock Rear Frame Compatible without filing 2. New Jockey Wheel with ENDURO bearing and Linear push function 3. New Tensioner with Longer Arm to take up to 28T cog 4. New DR cable set with reinforced spring and linear push function 5. New Chain Pusher with linear push long travel (7 speed) 6. New Hub (wheel) with wide free hub body to take cassette sprockets

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