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Surf for your MODs, we'll get them for you!


Why limited to our web store or any other vendors' E-shops while hundreds of thousands other sellers on the WEB. Oops! they don't speak your language, can't tell if the parts are genuine from just the photos...


Don't worry, BIKEgang has linguists who love bikes too!


Surf the web (better yet, from the following recommended websites) with the help of our keywords suggestion and of course the ever powerful GOOGLE Translate. Let's start surfing ...

Keywords : Brompton folder(小布 折疊), Birdy folder(鳥車 折疊), Titanium bicycle(钛 单车), Bicycle parts MODs(单车 零件 改装), Bicycle Wheels(单车 轮组), Titanium Frame fork (钛 车架 前叉), Others ...

Taobao (simplified Chinese: 淘宝网, literaly "Sifing through the Web for treasures") is a Chinese website for online shopping similar to eBay and Amazon that is operated in China by Alibaba Group. Although officailly the items listed should be 100% genuine, but lack of enforcement also an existing fact. Look for sellers with excellent credit and always remember "if a deal sounds too good to be true it probably is".  Features: Custom Ti-Part, Stan-TI   

Keywords : Brompton folder(小布 折疊), Birdy folder(鳥車 折疊), Titanium bicycle(钛 单车), Bicycle parts MODs(单车 零件 改装), Bicycle Wheels(单车 轮组)

TMALL (天貓, literally "Sky Cat") is the evolved version of TaoBao, as a resort to regulate the "out of control" Taobao shopping habitate. The shops there have to follow strict regulation and pay premium in order to get in. Only genuine item can be listed. Hence less surprises for the customers, in a good and boring way.

You can find some brand names with flagship shops there.

Not much MODs items for your bike there, but still worth a visit for some premium items.

Keywords : Brompton folder(小布 折疊), Birdy folder(鳥車 折疊), Titanium bicycle(鈦 單車), Bicycle parts MODs(單車 零件 改裝), Bicycle Wheels(單車 輪組), Others ...

Similar to Ebay, Taiwan RUTEN (露天, Blue sky market) is the most active E-Bid market resides in the origin of your Birdies (some older Bromptons and most of your premium bicycle parts).  
Items here are quite safe to purchase and mostly genuine, you will find better local price here and some less known but ingenious items. 

Features : Jesler bikeUncle Art Bike 

OK. there are still lots of bicycle web stores foreign to us but might just be your local stores, such as cycleshibuya(we do carry some of their wonderful suspensions for Birdy via Multi-S) or KAMOYA. Maybe you have some local web stores with great MODs to share us.


"To explore strange new worlds ...
To boldly go where no one has gone before ..."

Here is how it works ...


  • Found anything interesting, copy the weblinks into a list(case example). (Or you can just give us the products description, let us source them for you.)


  • Send us your link list with products description, and we will source your items.

    • 1. We will evaluate the seller's credit first. Is the item genuine...

    • 2. Check to see if we carry the same products in the list.

    • 3. Check to see if the products can be sourced in Taiwan (BIKEgang HQ).

    • 4. Contact sellers for further information if required.


  • Items that can be carried by us from our suppliers (RIDEA, COLORPLUS+, BIKEfun, IronDevo, Multi-S, MiniMODs, SOBDEALL, Sturmey Archer, SP Dynamo...) will become a Paypal invoice for your immediate purchase (you get better deal this way). Purchase from 3rd party suppliers via Taiwan Ruten will require 10% service charge, while purchase from China Taobao will require 20% service charge (shipping charge not included).


  • Service will include evalutaion, initial contact, bid and collect items and repackage if needed. We will do a preliminary exam of the items (pictures taken and send to you) then ship out. Items from China will be collected in our China office first and then ship to Taiwan office for combined postage with items from Taiwan (thus the 10% extra charge from China, but this is more economical and safer and faster than individual shipping for each item out from China)


  • We take paypal (supports credit card) in GBP, the price you pay will be the price listed on Ruten and Taobao listing (NTD or CNY into GBP with google currency converter at the time of bid / purchase) + Service charge + Shipping cost(Taiwan Postal office to calculate the fee, receipt included).


  • Warranty is provided solely by the 3rd party seller for items not carried by us. But we will do our best on your behalf to negotiate with the sellers should there be issues arised. 


  • Here is an ongoing project case listing for your reference. We will have some before and after photos after J finishes his mod. 




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