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BIKEgang is dedicated to bring you ...


... the best upgrade components around the world for your bike. To help you custom build yourself a unique and stylish bike with ultimate performance to suit individual need. This might take some efforts to complete but the reward will definitely pay off in the long run.

BIKEgang help distribues top of the line preminum folding bike modification upgrade parts. Improve your Brompton folding bike, Birdy bike, Mini Vello with Custom bike parts design.  Brand names includes MiniMODs, H&H, Multi-S, Ridea, Joseph Kuosac, Sturmey Archer, ATS Schlumpf Drive, Pacific Cycles, Colorplus ..., just to name a few. And the list is expanding. Do you have some brands that are your favorite? We like to know about it.  

Surf for your MODs, we'll get them for you!

Why limited to our web store or any other vendors' E-shops while hundreds of thousands other sellers on the WEB. Oops! they don't speak your language, can't tell if the parts are genuine ... BIKEgang is here to help.

You can find latest news and technology or DIY tips from our showcase area. Or just feel the joy of fellow riders' in MODing their bike or join them ride around the world. 

Maybe you have some ingenious ideas on improving the ride experience or you have new product waiting to meet the world but lacking the presence opportunity. Please let us know, we have hands-on experience in this field, ie. manfacturing, distribution, marketing, sales and customer service... Lets work together to clear the obstacles on the path for your products to reach consumers worldwide. 

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