Birdy Rohloff Mark 3 (2016) review

I pre-ordered the Birdy Rohloff in July 2015 and received it in September of the same year. I felt the world’s best hub is a perfect complement to the capabilities of the Birdy. Whilst, I was waiting for my bike, the U.K. Distributor (David Miall & his team) very kindly lent me a Mark 2 Birdy with SRAM to use. I can make some brief comparisons to the Mk2 as a result. The cyan blue is really nice in reality. The only way I was aware it was unusual and worked on the frame is because of pictures posted on Birdy UK, the social media site run by the distributor. Dealer pictures are somewhat poorer. The black frame with red wheels & red hub is distributed in Asia but not available in Europe. The c

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