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How about Handlebar? Why is ergonomic important?

Some aftermarket choices

H&H Ergonomic Angled 550mm long Seamless Titanium Handle bar : S type, lower Rise, Riser M sizes (Black or Silver)

From BIKEfit Expert Joseph Kuosac Aluminum . Carbon fiber / S type, Mid-riser and Full Rise M / 600mm.

If we line them up , it will be like this ...

H&H Titanium or Joseph Kuosac Aluminum/Carbon handlebars.

Rise Distance: HH S 35mm / JK S 40mm / HH low rise 60mm / HH riser M 95mm / JK mid-riser 105mm / JK M 165mm

JK 600mm @ 12° (

HH 560mm @ 9° back 7° up (

Now you know which one fits best for your ride style?

Why we need ergonomic handlebar? By Brompton BIKEfit exper Joseph Kuosac :


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