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Brompton Roll Ezwheels Solution Review

Reposted from #BromptonSociety by @Paul Tutton with permission

Sorry if this is long post but I know a lot of people are interested in aftermarket mods/accessories.

Over the last year or two I've tried a lot of different combinations to get my S6L to roll nicely when folded (both for shopping and getting across railway platforms).

I started with swapping the standard supplied roller wheels for Bromptons own larger easy wheels, which was an improvement but the thin profile and larger diameter made the bike actually a bit less stable.

I upgraded again to Multi-S BM Large CarryMe ORI PU easy wheels with bearing from BIKEgang last year and these made a world of difference, the wheels were a bit more solid and a decent bearing meant the bike rolled well.

Not long after I added a MiniMods X-Roller Wheel extender. This made the bike a lot more stable and easier to tow, especially with a heavy basket bag loaded.

But there was a trade off in the fact I suffered a bit of heel strike when pedalling with certain footwear and had to modify my riding style a bit.

Today I took delivery of a pair of Joseph Kousac Lightweight Ezywheels in Silver and thought I'd talk through the difference, as I know a few people are considering easy wheels.

The Kousac wheels are 108g for the pair inc bolts, in comparison the BM wheels are 132g. The kousac wheels are 12mm width (the BM's are 20mm), so quite close to std Brompton Easy Wheels.

In terms of total width once attached to the X-Roller it is 150mm with the Kousac Wheels vs 170mm with the BM wheels, so quite a difference and I'm hoping a lot less heel strike

(One thing worth noting, the supplied bolts are 25mm thread, the Minimods extension section only has about 20mm of thread so I needed to cut 5mm off one bolt to get a tight lock with the washers fitted as well)*

And they roll so smoothly :)

Lots of pics attached showing weights measurements and the difference in width and look.

Hope this helps

  • * The 5mm less thread can be avoided by adding some washers in between bolt contact. This can also eliminate the possibility of frame end rough surface(paint residual?) that causing contact with ezwheel.


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