MiniMODs titanium clamping lever on RIDEA hinge plate, Step by step installation procedure

In order to have MiniMODs titanium clamping lever works with RIDEA hinge plate, we need three small wahsers at the end of the limit screw. And use the RIDEA spacer instead of the MiniMODs washer.

This will make the screw length compatible with clamping plate, when fully unscew the lever to its possible maximun extrution, the limit screw will kick in and stop the turn just to let the plate shorter side enough space to unclamp Brompton fold, yet the longer side still touching the hinge, so the plate won't rotate with the lever turn.

Refer to these step by step pictures and try it, you will understand the design concept.

A. The components you need.

B. Assembled in order, everything on the right of the clamping plate shoud be inside Brompton hinge.

C. Fully assembled, the length now will just able to let the hindge open yet stop the plate from rotation and no more lever overturn as in the original design. Try it!!!

Same principle also apply to RIDEA faucet lever, but they were already included in the design, so RIDEA solution (lever and plate) will match perfectly out of the box.

#installation #brompton #minimods #ridea

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