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【BROMPTON x Custom】Introducing the C LINE 15-speed conversion

The M6R with 44T Chainring is going to tour half way around Izu Oshima Island...

We have been asked to consult with you,

Using the MiniMODs 5-speed kit, we have created a 15-speed bike with the following features.

We have received a request for a customisation of the interior 3 x exterior 5 = 15 speeds.

BROMPTON MiniMODs 15-speed customisation

For more information on the 5-speed customisation, please see this blog.

The configuration of the front and rear gears were

[Rear 12 → 16T].

The gear configuration after the external 5-speed conversion is.

[Rear 11 → 13 → 17 → 21 → 25T]

The lower gears spread will be critical for this modification since its aimed to do some climbs.

The gears are a little bit heavier than standard in comparison over flat,

The rider wants to be able to step into a slightly tough gear on level ground and still have room for a lighter gear when going uphill.

Aiming for a round-the-island trip.

This is the perfect customisation for this owner.

The KMC/DLC chain shines in the frame colour.

Please see this blog for recommended items when upgrading to external multi-speed.

When you hear the word '15-speed', you might think it's not that much...

But it is actually a reliable item when travelling long distances or riding up steep slopes.

We are receiving an increasing number of mail order requests from distant customers.

However, due to the skill required to assemble and adjust them, we will continue to accept mail order requests from our customers only if they can bring the Brommie to our shop or send it by post.


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