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【BROMPTON】Test Ride of Customized 7-Speed Exterior is Now Available!(#MiniMODs X series AGS)

Hello, this is Say-G.

The other day, we introduced you to a custom 7-speed gear shifting system for T-LINE and P-LINE.

I would like to try the 7-speed external gear shifting,

We have received a lot of comments from customers that they would like to actually try out the 7-speed external gear shifting!

We have received many comments that they would like to actually try 7-speed external gear shifting.

We are now preparing a test bicycle with the custom 7-speed gearbox.

However, our current inventory of P-LINE is very low (as of today, we have only 4 units in stock),

We are also out of stock of the manufacturer's stock, so this is an irregular situation, but we are now offering

This is a C-LINE base model with P-LINE wheels and a 7-speed transmission with some modifications.

Therefore, strictly speaking, the weight is a little heavier than the P-LINE,

However, the driving and operating feel of the 7-speed transmission can be confirmed without any problems.

We often receive requests for larger diameter chainrings for exterior models such as P-LINE and T-LINE.

We have changed the chainring to 54T so that you can try it out.

(The T-LINE models to come in the near future will have a 56T chainring, and the P-LINE will have a 54T chainring as standard).

Also, Joseph Kuosac has introduced the new

Ergo-type grips and


We have also changed to the new ergo-type grip and saddle from Joseph Kuosac, so you can check how it feels!

You can try it out anytime during our business hours.

If you are interested, please give it a try!



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