ATS Speed Drive Extended Bottom Bracket 100mm E-Bike Electric BIKE

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A gearing system to maximize your Electric Bike performance.

ATS presents the newest 2016 version ATS SPEED DRIVE with specially designed Bottom Bracket length to fit your Ebike Application.

Note :

this listing is for a set of AT019 (refer list below). Package contnt : One Speed drive gear box SD165 with Extended BB, two crankarms, shift buttons and chainring with chainguard. Tols and lubricant are optional not included.

Available models

AT018 ATS LB ATS SD165 BB length(mm) 78-81-83 Axle(mm) 148 for E-Bike

AT019 ATS LB ATS SD165 BB length(mm) 100-103-105 Axle(mm) 170 for E-Bike

AT020 ATS LB ATS SD165 BB length(mm) 117-120-122 Axle(mm) 187 for E-Bike

AT022 ATS LB ATS SD250 BB length(mm) 78-81-83 Axle(mm) 148 for E-Bike

AT023 ATS LB ATS SD250 BB length(mm) 100-103-105 Axle(mm) 170 for E-Bike

AT024 ATS LB ATS SD250 BB length(mm) 117-120-122 Axle(mm) 187 for E-Bike

ATS - Speed drive is a gearing system that makes the chainring spinning at a higher rate. For instance, 38 tooth chainring with speed-drive engaged, will work like a 1.65 times larger one (63 tooth chainring). ATS Speed drive is manufactured in Taiwan and assembled in Taiwan.


(Chain driven version / Model SD165)

- Cone ring configuration, incl. gears, crankarms kickplates chainring and chain guard - BCD110 spec.

- With two gears: direct drive 1:1, overdrive 1:1.65 /165% (We have also Model SD250 overdrive to 250%)

- Axle length : 170mm, for bottom bracket width 100 - 105mm.


  • Planetary gearing system with two switch positions: direct drive 1:1, overdrive 1:1.65
  • Direct shifting via push buttons or "easy-shift" - levers on both ends of the spindle. No cables, no rods.
  • Gear housing : Corrosion resistant, completely encased and protected against dust and spray water.
  • Axle: Rides on (replaceable) cartridge bearings. You can expect a lifetime of more than 20'000 miles for the bearings and much more for the speed-drive.
!!!Special Note !!!
This MOD is not for casual rider, special tools are needed to perform this modification (BB shell preparation and crank set removal and installation), unless you are an experienced technician, please consult local bikeshop for help. We are glad to provide all info and manual to help you go through the processes.

ATS speed drive will not be shipping to US or EU address, please be noted!

Please Drop us a line for manuals and tutorial and quote for other models, More info can be found atBIKEgang

About ATS

ATS, Fujiss Corp. is committed to giving consumer the ultimate quality and advance in transmission system parts. We focus on consumer's needs and satisfaction as the core of our company creed.

The ATS-Speed drive is manufacturing under license of Haberstock Mobility GmbH. We make this excellent bike gearing system in efficient production and inexpensive. We would like to let consumer have another choice to make their own bike more simple, clean (no shifting cable), easy riding or even enhance function of bike.

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