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Brand: Trigo
Origin: China
Item location: Taiwan
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Wide and Strong mount for Head tube or Seatpost

And it fits on most tubes of any bike with Universal Joint / Cardan shaft design (fully adjustable knob).

This listing includes the base and one 3M mount to attach flat surface of any flat back (phone case, small box, GPS device ...)

Listing Content :

Mount Base

3M Mount

Material : Machined Aluminum/Engineering Grade Plastic
Surface finish: Anode
Attribute: Suitable for 22.2 – 31.8mm tubes
Weight: 57g/set
Capacity: –
Bolt: M4*14*2;plastic ring 22.2-31.8mm


  • Suitable for : Smart case mount, car mount
  • Material : Engineering Grade Plastic
  • Capacity : 30*28*15mm
  • Weight : 5.5g
  • This product is used by attaching it to an existing cell phone case
    Used with Smart case mount
  • Compatible with all TRIGO Smart case mount


1. The 3M Mount included in Moto Mount system attaches to back cover of phone or small box (ideal only for spare phone or light weight items), we suggest you purchase additional Trigo phone case or 3rd party phone case to attach 3M mount, otherwise you might need to swap back cover.

2. Optional Phone Case model :

  • Ipnone 5
  • Iphone 6
  • Iphone 6+
  • Iphone 7
  • Iphone 7+

3. To attach Garmin GPS device, you will need the optional garmin mount.

4. Only one gadget can be mounted at one time.

5. Car Mount with suction cup can be put on car for instant phone transfer.

Handlebar Gadget Station Base for generic bicycle also available

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