Trigo Gadget Station for Brompton

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Brand: Trigo
Origin: China
Item location: Taiwan
Status: In stock
Payment: Paypal prefered, credit cards
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Integrated system for all the gadgets you can carry during ride.

And it is designed for Brompton. (Generic Bike version in other listing or contact us.)

This listing (BASE) includes following 3 items (A. Smart Case Mount + B. 3M Mount + C. Brompton Mount), you can add Accessory Option for more functions.

Trigo Gadget Station Base


  • Material : Machined Aluminum , Engineering Grade Plastic
  • Capacity : 87*28*15.5mm
  • Weight : 43g
  • Added Features :Angle Adjustable Rotates for Landscape or Portrait Viewing
  • Compatible with all TRIGO Smart Case


  • Suitable for : Smart case mount, car mount
  • Material : Engineering Grade Plastic
  • Capacity : 30*28*15mm
  • Weight : 5.5g
  • This product is used by attaching it to an existing cell phone case
    Used with Smart case mount
  • Compatible with all TRIGO Smart case mount


  • Material : Machined Aluminum
  • Surface finish : Anode
  • Capacity : 30*22.5*16.5mm
  • Weight : 21g
  • Compatible with all TRIGO Smart Case Mount


1. The 3M Mount included in Base system attaches to back cover of phone (ideal only for spare phone), we suggest you purchase additional phone case, or you might need to swap back cover.

2. Phone case model right now in stock : (Please specify when order)

  • Iphone 5
  • Iphone 6
  • Iphone 6+
  • Iphone 7
  • Iphone 7+

3. Headlight holder is an add-on to GoPro mount, you must have GoPro mount to use it.

4. Only two gadgets at most (one top and one bottom) per base can be mounted at the same time. You can purchase handlebar base version if want to mount more gadgets at once.

5. Car Mount with suction cup can be put on car for instant phone transfer.

6. Moto Mount for wider tubes (head tube, seat post ...) also available.

7. New improved back mount with larger contact surface on phone case, more ease of mind.

Accessory Option

D. Phone Case (Top)

  • Suitable for : Smart case mount, car mount
  • Please specify when order)
    Iphone 5
    Iphone 6
    Iphone 6+
    Iphone 7
    Iphone 7+

E. Garmin Mount (Top)

F. GoPro Mount (Bottom)

G. Headlight holder (addon to F)

  • Must use under F (GoPro Mount) can not function alone

H. Car Mount (In Car)

  • To transfer your phone case into Car ride

I. Handlebar Mount (base on handlebar)

  • For generic bicycles
  • Include Mount on handlebar + A. SMART CASE MOUNT
  • You need phone with J. 3M mount or K. improved back mount to mount the phone

J. Extra 3M Mount

K. Improved Back Mount

  • Attach to back of your own phone case
  • Larger contact surface

L. Moto Mount

  • For larger tube base

M. Cateye Light Mount Adapter (Addon to F. Gopro Mount)

  • Attach to F at bottom to fit various Cateye Light models (red circled component).
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