Precise CNC machined Brompton Bag Front Carrier Block Adapter for CarryMe (H&H)

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Brand: H&H
Origin: Taiwan
Item location: Taiwan
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Precise CNC machined Brompton Front Carrier Block Adapter for CarryMe (H&H)

  • Create the screw holes required for Brompton front carrier Block (Not Included, you will need this to mount bags), so you can mount brompton bag on CarryMe.
  • Aluminum material CNC machined.
  • Beware of the weight and size of your bag since CarryMe is smaller and easier to off balance.

Note :

This listing is only the lug adapter for Brompton front carrier block (photo below) only, not including the block as shown below (either stock or 3rd party one will work). You will need to purchase additional block and bag to complete Brompton bag mount function.

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