Multi-S inward offset easy wheels for Brompton (one pair)

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Brand: Multi-S
Origin: Taiwan
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Inward offset easy wheels that have same width to prevent heel strike, yet more stable.


1. Inward offset to minimize the width, measured the same as original Brompton easy wheel upgrade.

2. This will help to prevent heels strike problem. And bigger wheels mean better stability without wobbly push.

3. Smooth bearing stucture (industrial graded ABEC-7) for excellent push and pull experience. (One wheel : 45g, outside diameter is 47.8mm, width 24.4mm)

4. 8 colour bearings to choose from (Cobalt blue, Black, Raw Lacquer, Desert Sand, Arctic Blue, Sage Green, Red, Orange, Racing Green)

Please note: The inner offset function will make it incompatible with Eazy wheels extender from BIKEfun or R type rack (only normal eazy wheels work).

Measurement comparison:

1. 14.1 cm for Brompton easy wheel upgrade.

brompton ezwheel upgrade

2. 16.1 cm for normal roller wheels on the market.

roller wheel

3. 14.1 cm for Multi-S inward offset easy wheel (same as Brompton easy wheel upgrade.)

Same width

You can tell from this picture, how the bearing fixed on the bottom side to clear more space for inard offset.

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