Brompton X-Roller Easy wheel extender AL7075 Strong Alloy (V.3) w New P / T Line options

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Product Details
Brand: MiniMODs
For Bike Type: Brompton
Country/Region of Manufacture: Taiwan
Origin: Taiwan
Item location: Taiwan
Status: In stock
Payment: Credit card, Paypal
Ship to:: World wide (Airmail Registered Package)

Important Note :

For P/T Line version is out of stock (Grey colour or Glossy Black), preorder now for end of August delivery.

P/T Line version Dark Ti colour with P Line Storm Grey

A/C/E Line version multi colours

X-Roller V.3 Features :

  • Whole set with most Robust Aluminum 7075 Material CNC Machined.
  • Special Anodizing Surface Processing on rod for smoothest Operation and Most Durable Lifespan.
  • One Year Warranty.
  • Made in Taiwan

No more wobbly brommie when you try to push it.

Standard Titanium or Black colour, Limited Blue, Red or Golden colours also available before gone.

(This listing is for only one X-roller extender rod. Ez-wheels are NOT INCLUDED , you can google BIKgang for ezwheels options)

Fellow bromptoneers, is this troubling you a lot?

a. Original ezwheels too small, the rear suspension block always rubs the floor?

b. Handlebar too close to the ground, handlebar grip damaged because scratching ground?

c. After folded, center of mass will fall outside the eazywheels, brommie tends to lean on the right side.

Here comes the solution!

All new X-Roller Easy Wheel Extender

New Features :

  • Adjustable width using fixer holder with grub screws to compensate Brompton frame manufacturing tolerance.
  • Easier to install and No more sticky rod pulling caused by bending tension.
  • Fully cover frame ends with elegant and stylish look.
  • All hard anodizing black or titanium color even on the rod.
  • 13% lighter than previous version.

Easier and smoother to push, remains same size after fold.

Quick and eazy to collapse the extender when unfold.

Brommie Shopping Experience Enhanced

Weight: 75g
Material: Most durable aluminum alloy 7075
Support original Easy wheels or thin metal wheels (any that is compatible with stock), but not compatible with Multi-S inward offset easy wheels


  1. This new version can fit any frame width on the original two ends that attach ezwheels, as long as the ends not bent or broken.
  2. Do not load weight over 30kg (or anybody) when extended, this will cause deformation or breakage of axis (For frame protection. X-Roller will bend first before Brompton frame ends break.)
  3. Do not extend the rod during transportation mode (eg. air travel)
  4. Do not drop your bike when ez-wheels extended, this will cause deformation or breakage of axis
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