Brompton SV-9 SP Dynamo Hub Front Wheel Titanium Skewer (SP-Dynamo X MiniMODs)

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Country/Region of Manufacture: Taiwan
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World's lightest and smallest dynamo hub laced in multicolor rim (bundled Titanium Skewer)

Ultra high performance.

Details (for Brompton)

Starting from late 2018, Shutter Precision SP Dynamo will be the Dynamo hub provider for new Brommies.

Here is the description under Brompton Bike Builder official page.

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SP Hub Dynamo, SL, L-Vers
Weight: 0.35 kg , Price: £ 120.00

The new single Shutter Precision SP-8 offers a superior performance, improved reliability, efficiency and a 271g weight saving over the previous Shimano dynamo. It has comparable efficiency to the previous SON dynamo, 91 g lighter and is less than half the cost. (Available on both Silver and Black componentry bikes).

Now you can even own an SV-9 Dynamo front wheel, the lightest golf size hub offered by SP-Dynamo

  • 7.9mm QR to suit Brompton (74mm OLD)
  • Weight 655g
  • Axle Type : QR (Titanium Skewer / MiniMODs )
  • Double Wall Rim (MiniMODs)
  • 28 Holes / Schrader valve
  • Spokes Nipples 29pcs (Silver or Black)
  • Rim tape
  • Lacing service
  • Black / Silver / Blue / Red /Titanium /Golden Rim Colour options

Some technical info

6V 1.5W Ultra compact dynamo hub for wheel size 400mm to 658mm

Unique aerodynamic shape, low resistance and super light weight, make for and increadably efficient hub.

The unique aerodynamic shape of the hub has been optimized to a golf ball size, while attaining an unprecedented weight only 299g.

Output Notes from Shutter Precision
The SP-9 Series real output is 6V 3W for 20”, however for 26”/700C its output is very close to 6V3W but still a little bit less at low speed & therefore, it cannot pass German StVZO regulation. For the German market SP must get StVZO approval so the 9 series was used to apply the new regulation i.e. 6V 1.5W LED. And 9 series got 6V 1.5W LED StVZO approval.

Its output is definitely not 1.5W. Shimano 1.5W hub output is real 1.5W. We don’t like it & also we checked 1.5W with other dynamo lights. It is not enough. Although 9 series is marked with 1.5W, its real output is much higher than 1.5W.

From wheel size 400mm(16”) to 535mm(20“):

The 9 series output perfectly matches German StVZO 6V3W/20” regulation. As can be seen from the table, from wheel size 400mm(16”) to 535mm(20”), the 9 series output is designed to meet StVZO regulation.

From wheel size 646mm(26”) to 716mm(28”):

According to German StVZO, it requires 3V output at a low speed of 5km/h. If the 9 series is set on wheel sizes of 646mm(26”) and 716mm(28”), it offers 3V output speed at 5.8km/h and 6.4km/h respectively. To have 3V output, it only needs to slightly increase speed up to 1.4km/h. Furthermore, according to German StVZO 6V3W regulation, it requires 5.7V output at 15km/h. If we set the 9 series on wheel sizes of 646mm(26”) and 716mm(28”), this 9 series offers 5.7V output when speed at 15.7km/h and 17.7 km/h respectively. To have 5.7V output, it only needs to increase speed up to 2.7km/h. As for 6V3W, the German StVZO approved hubs in the current market normally offer 6V3W output when speed around 17km/h. The SP 9 series offers 6V3W output for 646mm(26”) and 716mm(28”) wheels when speed at 16.7km/h and 18.6km/h respectively.

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