Brompton Monkii Clip / Monkii Cage Water Bottle Holder Solution (Free Parable)

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monkii LOAD System

Brompton Optimization

To be installed on Brompton cone shape head tube or other flat tubes. Lighter, more stable and durable.
Fit perfectly without interference riding or folded. Once installed, just leave it as it is, it's just so natural.

Best folding bike loading platform converter


Monkii Clip for Brompton

Dimension : 8.5 × 5 × 5.5 cm
Net Weight:40 g
Max Load:1.5 Kg
Dimension:30 / 36 mm
Body:Nylon ×1
Cleat:POM ×2
Package Content:

Brompton Mokii Clip x1

TPV Ring Sleeve x2

Rubber Pad x1

M5 Stainless Steel Screw Set x2

S45 M4 Screws x2



Keep clean, check all screw regularly for tightness.


Max Load: 1.5 KG
Apply Torque no more than 2 nm on frame or tube (Just keep it fixed)

1. Adjustable water bottle holder
2. Easily use for small frame or space
3. Press and pull Quick Release
4. Can flip bottle folded to prevent dripping.
5. Weight: 46 g
6. Color: black, white, green
Applicable to Bike Frame
with standard 2 bottle holder screw holes(2 cleats included )
* L motion - Press and Pull to release (more secure to prevent bottle jump ship)

Note :

1. This listing is for mokii Loading System for Brompton model. mokii Cage L water bottle holder can be mounted on mokii Clip System. (Optional monkii mono water proof bag and monkii wedge tool bag can also be purchased from other listing).

2. Mokii Cage L can also be fitted on normal bike with existing bottle holder screw holes. You just need to fit the two cleats included with bottle holder screws.

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