Brompton Mid-Riser / Flat (S) Ergonomic Carbon Fiber handlebar (Joseph Kuosac)

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Brand: Joseph Kuosac
Country/Region of Manufacture: Taiwan
Origin: Taiwan
Item location: Taiwan
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From Joseph Kuosac Brompton Bike Fit series, an ergonomic handlebar with curve in design (match perfectly to your most comfortable grips angle)

New Carbon Fiber edition, lighter and with style, comes with two options - Flat S bar or Mid-riser bar, 3K or UD (uni-directional black) pattern.

Brought to you by Bikefit Expert - Joseph Kuosac


  • Allows more clearance folded (curve in toward rider, will curve up when folded), no need for Brompton folding space extension screw for most Brommie types.
  • Much wider default length (600mm with 490mm to 590mm width markers) to cut to your preference (rider's shoulder width).
  • Standard 130mm handlebar grips compatible (if default width no cutting).
  • A practical mod for hardcore Bromptoneers asking for most comfortable long ride.
  • No more ergonomic grips needed, you will feel the difference in comfort immediately.
  • Wider and more manageable steering.
  • M-type Brompton changed to Mid-riser handlebar is very easy, no need to change cables or stem. Just plug and play. Will provide you more aggressive ride position (lower).
  • S-type Brompton changed to flat (S) handlebar is very easy, no need to change cables or stem. Just plug and play. Will provide you with ergonomic angle toward rider for most comfy rides.

About Joseph Kuosac

Whether you are riding to the corner store or across the country,you should be comfortable on your bike.
If you have back,neck,knee pain,saddle sores, or hand and foot numbness, your bike probably doesn't fit
you properly.
A bike should fit you.It should accommodate your body,your interests and style as a rider.
Your equipment should never "work against you" or "make you work harder".

To help people experience the joy and wonder of cycling, we want to make sure no one stops riding a bicycle due to pain or discomfort.

Each rider needs a different fit based on a variety of factors, Joseph Kuosac bike fit system offers your needs.

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