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Brompton Chpt3 Specific Foldable Tan Wall Tyre 35-349 (Schwalbe One) w Inner Tube options

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Give your old Brommie a new look

Product information

Brompton Schwalbe One 16 inch tyre - tan wall tyre
New for 2019 - these tyres were originally just available on the CHPT3 limited Brompton series
Weighs in at just 175g (approx)
The wired beading allows the tyre to be folded (perfect for keeping a spare in your desk drawer or carrying as a backup when touring)
This tyre comes unboxed
Brompton Schwalbe One tan wall tyre - features:
ETRTO size: 35-349 (16" x 35mm)
Weight: 175g
Inflation pressure: 65-100 PSI

Weight: 175 g

  • Pressure: 65 - 100 psi
  • Maximum load: 65 kg / one wheel
  • Foldable tyre
  • Quantity: 1
  • Please note : price in this listing is only for one tyre, you will need to choose quantity 2 if you are upgrading one Brompton with two wheels

Inner Tube:

  • Schwalbe SV4 Inner Tube /28-349mm 16/18inch /Presta Valve 40mm /BM
  • Schwalbe AV4 Inner Tube /28-349mm 16/18inch /Schrader Valve 40mm /BM
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