Brompton / Birdy Duo-Grips Water Bottle Cage Adapter Lightweight on Stem Head Tube (Trigo)

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Brand: Trigo
Country/Region of Manufacture: China
Origin: China
Item location: Taiwan
Status: In stock
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Light weight Water Bottle Cage adapter fixture

mounted on Brompton / Birdy Stem Head tube

And it fits on most tubes of any bike within range (29mm - 35mm or 41mm)

This listing includes only the Duo-Grips Base to fit water bottle cage adapter (with two water bottle cage screws) / No Water Bottle Cage (Recommend Optional Monkii Bottle cage) nor Water Bottle

Note :
  • Listing does not include water bottle, cage, cage adapter. (Recommend Monkii Cage optional)
  • POM plastic light weight duo firm grips. Can be mounted on top or middle of head tube.
  • Fit tube shape part within grip diameter range.
  • Compatible with Monkii cage QR system (to replace Monkii Clip). Instantly take out or put back the water bottle with cage. If use traditional water bottle cage, the cage will have to be fixed on the mount permanently.

Monkii Cage :

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