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A cargo mount platform on Brompton main frame (Platform B)

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What is Platform B ?

A general carrier, luggage base, foot rest, coffee table, beer transporter, skateboard holder, speaker platform, E-bike conversion battery platform, camera platform, tool box transporter, strap on whatever; a dry bag, towel, tent, shopping, pop on your dog/cat basket, birdcage, carry your click-and-collects, dispatch your eBay sales, visit the bottle bank, deliver your products locally and more.
We have seen a few homemade and semi commercial utility platforms available for Brompton folding bicycles over the years but nothing easily available here in the UK. Following Brexit, it is much more difficult for UK buyers to import goods without high costs or for EU suppliers to send small orders to the UK, so we have decided to refine the idea and produce our own version right here in the south of England. Platform B is made for the classic steel Brompton, NOT the Brompton T line or Electric.

Since June 2023, BIKEgang has acquired the distribution right for Platform B, we will ship it globally and to your local brompton shops.

Please place order and tell us what colour combination you like during checkout.

Platform B presented by 2Bikes4Adventure (00:23)

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