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【BROMPTON x Custom】P/T LINE exterior 7-speed kit in stock!

Taiwanese BROMPTON custom parts manufacturer

From MiniMods (モニモス)


The kit which can change the P/T LINE to the external 7 speed with stock Brompton wheel is now in stock 純正ホイールのまま外装7速化できるキットが入荷いたしました。

MiniMods P/T External 7 Speed Kit 予価¥88,000-(税込) The set contents are as follows.

Shift lever (for left 7 speed)

Rear derailleur + pulleys

Sprockets (11-13-15-18-21-24-28T)

SHIMANO 11-speed chain,

Or KMC 11-speed chain is optional to be sold separately.

Here is a picture of the assembled bike.

Fits perfectly to the P LINE test bike. No problems with operation.

The left shifter can be fitted to the stock intergrated brake lever.

The labour charge is around 8,800~11,000 yen.

(This may vary depending on the condition of the vehicle and whether it was purchased from your own or another shop).

This is an upgrade project that requires skill.

Since the assembly and adjustment are crucial to a successful installation.

We can only sold in-store and assembled by our staff.

Please understand in advance that we will do the assembly.

In order to prevent problems after online sales.

We appreciate in advance for your understanding.

We have prepared a test ride of this 7-speed Advanced Gearing System in-store.

Please come and try it in our shop.

Because you can upgrade the gear ratio and the number of gears without changing the original stock Brompton wheels

For owners who have been feeling that something is missing...

We would like you to try this customisation.

The 5-speed kit for the previously introduced C LINE is also available.

We are very grateful for your support.

The upgrade is available for all C/P/T models.

We only have a small number in stock this time,

We are looking forward to your visit and enquiries.

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