TriLock rear hinge system for All Strida models

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Brand: Trilock
Country/Region of Manufacture: Austria
Origin: Austria
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Trilock rear hinge system for All Strida models

Features :

New: Rear Joint Adjuster For use on ALL Strida's MK1 onwards.
Allows rear joint to be fully adjustable. It stops 'free-play' from tolerances and wear.
  • 1. Screw in M8 x 20 By hand: NO glue/locktite - M4 screws will lock it.
  • 2. Put IGUS/Plastic 'thrust washer' onto axle
  • 3. Put on 1 thin (0.5 / 0.7mm) spring washer. Re-use original spring washer is OK.
    • (this spring washer is to take up any wear and avoid re-adjustments)
  • 4. Screw Adjuster onto M8 by hand. Make level with end of M8

4a. Also screw in, loosely, 3 x M4 set screws

  • 5. Tighten Adjuster (with 18mm spanner), So that:
            • a) There is no 'free-play' in the Rear Joint.
            • b) Bottom tube does not drop to the ground, but ideally, gradually goes down, gently.
        • (See notes in Strida Mkt manual - this new adjuster avoids the need to select the best combination of spring washers - as the tolerance stack is now adjustable).
  • 6. Tighten the three M4 set screws (with 2mm key) This locks the whole assembly, Adjuster and M8
    • 6a. NOTE: the three M4 set screws press on the end of the axle - this locks and prevents rotation.

Installation :

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