Groovy Anti-Slip Seatpost w Saddle Clamp Pentaclip Replacement bundle (MiniMODs x H&H)

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Brand: MiniMODs
Origin: Taiwan
Item location: Taiwan
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This listing is a Bundle Offer for

one saddle clamp (H&H) on a GROOVY Non-Slip Seatpost (MiniMODs)

That is 159 g weight save from standard combo with functions

Anti-Slipping Lightweight Seatpost

MiniMODs design, KCNC manufactures

AL7075-T73 (aerospace grade material), with ultimate tensile and yield strength, also reduces the susceptibility to stress corrosion cracking

Grooved surface to prevent annoying seatpost reclampping every now and then.

560mm long, 20mm longer than stock standard

Meet Brompton Recommended Maximum Load Limit: 120Kg

ISO4210-9 test certified

Anti-theft skirt bottom

Full CNC production

100% made in Taiwan

252 g (144g less) from Stock steel seatpost (397g)

Seatpost clamp will need Torque 4-7Nm.

Black/Ti-colour 252g

Saddle Clamp Features:

  • ISO 4210 Seatpost Standard certified.
  • Only 92g, 15g off standard pentaclip (108g).
  • Slide and clamp, compatible with round steel or oval carbon rails.
  • Less parts, easier maintenance. One Allen key to adjust.
  • Saddle can be swept forward or swept backward to finetune your best position.
  • Saddle nose tilting angle can be near 180 degree.
  • Made in Taiwan, precision CNC machined.

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