Brompton Birdy Aluminum CNC Machined Bearing Ezwheels One Pair (Joseph Kuosac)

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Brand: Joseph Kuosac
Country/Region of Manufacture: Taiwan
Origin: Taiwan
Item location: Taiwan
Status: In stock
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Aluminum 6061 Ezwheels CNC Machined One Pair / Durable & Smooth rolling

Brought to you by Bike fit Expert - Joseph Kuosac

Listing includes two bearing Easywheels for L type ezwheels (M6 bolts) upgrade.

If you have R type Brompton with rack, you should buy quantity 2 pairs which is four ezwheels and NOTIFY us what year the Brompton rack made (Pre 2016 rack uses M5 long bolts while newer one M6 long bolts).

If not specified, we will ship standard M6 short bolts.


  • Bearing Ezwheels for smooth roll
  • C38C version for consistent look with Joseph Kuosac Carbon Wheel Set
  • Lightweight version with cut-out holes to minimum the weight
  • Colour choices : Black, Silver, Red, Pink Ribbon, Sonic Blue, Orange or Gold
  • Rubber tyre for durability and rough road condition

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If you have back,neck,knee pain,saddle sores, or hand and foot numbness, your bike probably doesn't fit
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To help people experience the joy and wonder of cycling, we want to make sure no one stops riding a bicycle due to pain or discomfort.

Each rider needs a different fit based on a variety of factors, Joseph Kuosac bike fit system offers your needs.

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