Brompton BIKEfit / Personal Crankset for Ultimate Performace

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From Brompton BIKEfit (BBF) series, now you can choose the length of crankarms and Chainring size according to your bodybuild for ultimate comfort and performance .

Brought to you by Bikefit Expert - Joseph Kuosac

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Listing includes Crankarms, Chainring with Chain guard, JK Bottom Bracket.


  • Crankarm length can be 155,160,165,170,175,180,185 or 190mm (How to choose crankarm length?)*
  • Chainring option 44T/50T/52T/54T/56T/58T (BCD 130)
  • Bottom Bracket 118mm
  • Other components from JK BBF series, please refer to our other BIKEgang lisitng.
* Brompton has less clearance off ground, so longer crankarms (stock 170mm) require technique cornering. Please be aware and consider.


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Each rider needs a different fit based on a variety of factors, Joseph Kuosac bike fit system offers your needs.

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