8IR+ Firmness Adjustable Air Cushion Rear Shock Suspension Block for Brompton (MiniMODs)

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#8IR+ air cushion rear shock

Firmness (air pressure) Adjustable Airtight chamber structure as damper for ultra comfortable rides

Get the rare colour while last for 1st batch run


  • Spring preload + Airtight Chamber structure to absorb and smoothen road bump reactions
  • Air pressure adjustable (shock firmness) 80 psi - 150 psi to suit riders' load and road condition. Refer to ride test video.
  • Schrader valve pump adapter included.
  • All in one design (includes cover, bolt, rear frame latch and nut) with CNC machined colourful anodized aluminum shell
  • Frame latch widened for maximum compatibility (matching 3rd party seatpost clamp frame hook)
  • We will keep popular colours in stock (black, silver, titanium and golden). Please allow 2 weeks for rare colours order (purple, blue, red, orange ....)
  • 8IR BASIC (Unadjustable Constant AIR Pressure version £56) is also available
  • Design and made in Taiwan.

All Colours so far ...

8IR basic Test Ride 1

8IR+ vs. 8IR basic (Load=75kg)


1. Remove original block (bolt and nut included)

2. Replace with 8IR, components order as shown in the photo below.

3. Use spanner on the nut and hand grip on 8IR shell, turn it till tightened.

4. Release the spanner, use hand only to turn the unit into correct position (latch directly above seatpost clamp frame hook)

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